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Interested in liquidating overstock/dead inventory and freeing up precious working capital and limited warehouse space? We are able to take much of the hassle/headache out of the liquidation process so you don't have to. From price quoting, auctioning, logistics, and payment processing, we can take care of every step of the timely process.

Extensive Liquidation Network 

We are involved in an extensive network of over 10,000 professionals in the wholesale/liquidation trade industry and can find your dead inventory a new home. With access to large categories of wholesale liquid buyers, we are able to target the correct audience for your inventory and get it out of your way quickly. 

Types of Liquidation

Direct Offer

If you are an authorized wholesale distributor, retailer, or if we are able to confirm the authenticity of the products you are liquidating we may be able to quote you an on-the-spot offer. We have done this with numerous of the largest international b&m retailers across the country from leading office supply store chains to name brand outlets. This is often performed on a store-by-store or regional basis. We will work directly with you to make sure the process is as easy and beneficial to you as possible. Want us to run payments through your stores POS to boost sales? Need payments to be broken into multiple payments over time? Need something else? We will do our best to suit your needs. The benefits to this type of liquidation include:

1. Boost your sales numbers and hit those store goals while removing dead inventory! 

2. Fast removal, Fast payment. As soon as we come to agreeable terms we will begin arranging to have your liquid removed and payment processed!

3. Sleep easy knowing you never need to worry about the negative points to your store/region for having to destroy or return dead inventory!

Audience Targeting

We typically start off with a campaign to directly target the appropriate buyers that would be most likely to take your inventory. This allows you to squeeze the most out of your liquid while also safeguarding your inventory from other, more volatile methods of liquidating. The downside to this method is that there is no definitive timeline for finding a buyer for your inventory. A buyer could be found in as little as a day to as long as it takes... 


While wildly volatile as far as how much of your invested capital you may be able to recoup, auctioning your inventory carries the added benefit of a deadline. You know that if there is an extremely high probability that your inventory will finally be out of your hair within a specified timeline. The downside to this method is the volatility in capital recovery... you may recoup much less than expected, or (hopefully) much more.


Whether you have a few cases of product, a few pallets, or entire truck-loads, we will arrange to have your inventory picked up and moved out.


We will handle and process all payments on your behalf and wire payment directly to your account upon completion of the job.

Professional Consultation

We will work with you 1:1 to help you represent your inventory in the most marketable fashion. From giving you best practice tips on photographing your products to how best to organize/pack/separate your inventory we can give you all the info you need to squeeze every last dime out of your liquidation.  


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