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Terms & Conditions

By placing an order, accepting any price quote, or paying any invoice for any product or service by any means, including from this website, or any other website, e-mail address, or physical documentation provided by, owned, operated by, or represented by Retail Liquid Solutions or its parent company Haut Monde Education Group LLC. (HMEG)  (including 3rd party websites including social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc.)  you (buyer) agree to the following terms:

  • All sales are FINAL. No Returns, No Refunds, No Exchanges

  • Upon acceptance of a sales quote, you agree to pay the quoted price, in full, within 2 business days unless expressly stated otherwise on the sales quote. Cancellation of an order may be approved at the sole discretion of HMEG and may include restocking fees to be determined at the time of cancellation. 

  • In the event that HMEG decides to cancel an order, for any reason other than by customer request, the seller will refund the buyer via the same means of payment in which the original order was paid within a reasonable time from the cancellation. 

  • Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. As a courtesy HMEG may arrange shipping upon request, however, the responsibility remains solely with the buyer. Any claims of lost shipments, delays, additional shipping charges etc. must be taken up with the shipping carrier responsible. All shipments are processed with minimal shipping insurance. If the buyer requires extra insurance for an order the buyer must advise HMEG prior to paying the invoice. 

  • Payments accepted include all major credit cards, paypal, or via ACH wire transfer. Orders paid via credit card or paypal will incur an additional processing fee of 3.1%

  • HMEG is not responsible for any wire, overage, transaction, or any other fees incurred to the buyer by their financial institution in relation in any way. 

  • HMEG is not responsible for any content contained within 3rd party links, photos, or attachments. 

  • HMEG is not directly affiliated in any way to any brand, item or product offered unless noted otherwise.

  • Lead time is defined as the time from when HMEG receives payment for an order and when the order is ready to ship.

  • Lead times and Estimated lead times posted on any offer are not shipping deadlines for HMEG. If a product is not shipped within 30 days after the latest date within the estimated lead time, HMEG may offer a partial or full refund. 

  • HMEG will not be held responsible for the saleability or pricing of any product on any sales channel/outlet/platform. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they can sell a product on online or brick and mortar platform including all 3rd party marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Bonanza, Newegg, etc. 

  • HMEG may present buyers with offers and services from affiliates.

  • HMEG is not responsible for any services, products, or sales from any of its affiliates. All questions and concerns regarding any affiliate offer or service must be brought to the affiliate company directly. 

  • Any 'estimated retail value' or 'retail value' statements, in any offer, are calculated by using the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP). HMEG is not responsible for any discrepancies between the MSRP and the sales value on any sales channel. When the MSRP is unavailable, HMEG will use its knowledge of industry pricing to provide an 'estimated retail value'. HMEG does not claim that these values are accurate. It is the buyer's responsibility to ascertain the value of any product or service before accepting a price quote. 

  • Buyer must bring forth any discrepancy of any order within 3 days of receiving the products or rendered services pertaining to their order, upon which HMEG will investigate such a discrepancy. As stated previously, HMEG is in no way responsible for any damages or loss incurred during shipping. 

  • HMEG certifies that all products offered as NEW are authentic. HMEG can not guarantee the authenticity for any liquidation offers or 'mixed lot' style offers. Such offers will be designated as such within the offer description and/or title anywhere the offer is displayed as well as on any invoice provided.

  • All goods are sold AS-IS: HMEG makes no guarantee or warranty, express or implied and without limitations of merchandise fitness or marketability.

  • Wholesale product and raw material Custody chains, sources, and contact information for sources are considered trade secrets and will not be shared unless legally compelled to do so. 

  • These Terms & Conditions can be updated at any time without notice. 

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