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Victoria's Secret / Pink Brand Ungating

- For deeply discounted service, you must be referred to us by American Jen LLC.

- You must have an "Professional" Amazon seller account

- Your seller account must be healthy and in good standing with positive metrics


- There are multiple "gates" which can prevent you from selling an item, brand or category on Amazon. We can only influence your approval in a brand ungating application.

Time Frame

- While the typical time frame to ungate an account is between 4 - 7 business days, it can take up to 4 weeks in certain cases. This is determined by Amazon and is on a case by case basis. We have no way of giving you a guarantee on time, only that we will work with Amazon on your behalf to get your application approved as quickly as possible. 


- In order to have the appropriate paperwork to ungate your account, we must make a wholesale transaction with you. This is unavoidable, and any service offering to ungate a brand without doing so are risking having your Amazon account suspended along with getting you into potential legal trouble with the brand. This means that your overall investment to ungate the brand is partially determined by what product(s) we have in stock and we cannot give a definitive number, but in general, it will cost anywhere between $300 - $600 to ungate the brand. You will also receive the product you ordered which can be sold to mitigate or potentially make a profit for you. 

Application Rejection

- Due to the way the Amazon ungating procedure is handled, it is possible that your first application for brand approval is rejected. This can be due to a number of reasons including (most commonly) a mis-match between your Amazon seller account information and the billing information provided to us. If this happens, worry not, this is common and we will work with Amazon to get your account approved. 


- Amazon has the final say in everything. While we work directly with Amazon to get you account approved, we, nor any other 3rd party, can guarantee that your account will be approved. Amazon can reject an application due to your account health, past selling metrics, or any number of other reasons. While we can proudly say that we have approved hundreds of brands and accounts and that it is extremely likely that we can do the same for you, there is always a small margin of unavoidable risk in this process. Anyone telling you otherwise is not being truthful and should be approached with caution. 

To begin the process of earning approval for your Amazon account to sell Victoria's Secret and Pink branded products please contact us today! 

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