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Additional Services

We offer an abundance of prep services at a per/unit fee as structured below:


Polysealing: $0.40/unit

All poly-sealing is done in custom-sized tubing to fit your product like a glove. All parts of your product is sealed professionally and is never done in a self-seal bag. We use 2-mil poly tubing for any sealing job. We HIGHLY recommend poly sealing any cosmetics that have small UPC labels or have a lot of writing near the manufacturer label (such as ingredients list etc.). It is our experience that buyers of higher-end cosmetics want an undamaged box clear of any additional labels, thus sealing the product and affixing labels on the outside of the seal is recommended.

Labeling: $0.25/unit

We will affix a pre-made label to your products whether a barcode for Amazon FBA or your own product codes.


Ship to FBA: $15 credit to your invoice!

If you opt for us to ship directly to FBA on your behalf we will deduct our flat-rate shipping charge of $15 from your order! If you're an FBA seller this often means you can have your order prepped for free.

Bubble wrapping: $0.50 - $1.50/item (varies on size)

We will bubble wrap your products ensuring safe delivery to your end customer. This is typically suggested when shipping something either very expensive or if your product is: a makeup palette, has plastic packaging, contains a mirror, glass, etc. We will never upsell you on bubble wrapping unless we believe it would be appropriate for your product.

Heat Sealing: (Quote to Order)

Want your item to be professionally heat-sealed? We can seal individual products in hard plastic heat-seal packaging to add that extra professional shine. Typically this is only done in very specific situations, but should you require this service simply talk to a rep. 

Image Background Removal: $3/image

Need your images on a pure white background for your website or Amazon? We can make your product images POP! All images are edited by hand and have a turn-around time of only 2-days. 

Amazon/ecom Product Imaging: $30/image

Using a professional photo-studio and high-resolution cameras we will take professional photographs on a PURE WHITE BACKGROUND. Each photo is painstakingly edited after the photo shoot to ensure that it meets this highest of e-commerce standards. 

Amazon HAZMAT Restriction Removal: $25/ASIN

Many items in the cosmetics category will not allow you to utilize FBA due to HAZMAT restrictions. We are able to remove the HAZMAT restriction for almost all items in the cosmetics category by filing the correct paperwork with Amazon on your behalf. 

Products that cannot have the Hazmat restriction removed include: Nail Polish & Nail Polish Remover

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