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Amazon Brand Ungating

Looking to ungate a specific brand on Amazon? We do it THE RIGHT WAY!

Paperwork needs to line up on a lot of different ends for a proper brand ungating, and to protect you from potential disaster later on including Amazon account suspension and lawsuits. We ensure that every I is dotted and T is crossed to ensure the smoothest brand ungating experience possible.

With hundreds of brands and accounts successfully ungated we are able to provide you with a smooth and reliable service

Popular Brands Successfully Ungated Include:






Bobbi Brown

Calvin Klein



Coco Chanel

Estee Lauder



Unlike many "services" out there, we actually provide you with actual wholesale inventory to send to Amazon. This bolsters your credibility and creates a verifiable paper trail in the event an issue arises. Anyone claiming to ungate your account without providing inventory is NOT doing it properly and can be jeopardizing your Amazon selling privileges. Furthermore, by actually receiving inventory during the ungating process it ultimately ends up being cheaper for you as you can sell the product to mitigate your cost! 

Pricing varies constantly due to a number of variables, but a typical ungating will range anywhere between $300 - $1.500.

After discussing the brand you are interested in, we will find the cheapest solution for you and offer you a price quote. Once accepted we will work with you to ungate the brand. Once you receive your approval notification from Amazon, we can either send your inventory into FBA on your behalf or ship it directly to you. 

IT Cosmetics
Jeffree Star

Kat Von D


Marc Jacobs



Perry Ellis
Ralph Lauren


Too Faced

Victoria Secret