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We have multiple wholesaling channels, it is important that you are a part of all of them in order to get all the exclusive orders each of them hold!


You can find current lots that are available and ready to ship here. Simple checkout and ready to ship within 2-days

Join our Facebook Members Page for exclusive offers! We update regularly with offers, you are missing a lot of action if you are not a member! You can get a glimpse of what kind of inventory we are getting before it arrives. Early bird gets the worm, this is where the e-commerce birds are feasting and it is a fast-paced arena! Make sure you turn notifications on since offers here tend to sell out extremely quickly 

Helpful Information Regarding Wholesale Offers

Lead Times

Many items, especially cosmetics include a lead time (time to ship). Our inventory is located in numerous areas, and many of the higher end cosmetics come from Europe (where the brands are manufactured)... it takes time to arrange to import and getting the product from point A to B. All offers on Facebook will have an estimated lead time stated within the offer. Our Apparel mostly comes from within the US and typically has a short lead, but make sure to always check this on every offer. 

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

We break down the minimums as low as we can for our resellers to provide some of the best prices at very low (by industry standards) minimums. Rarely are we able to alter this minimum since our margins are very slim. Offering you a smaller quantity would simply not keep our lights on.

Bulk Discounts

While our stock moves quickly at our MOQ, we often provide discounts for people ordering beyond the MOQ. A typical rule of thumb is that if you are ordering twice the MOQ we can offer you a discount. Make sure to reach out to your rep before completing your order!

Payments accepted

1. All Major Credit Cards
2. Paypal
3. Wire
4. Financing via Behalf


Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Always. Any lost packages, damaged packages etc. must be addressed between the buyer and the shipping carrier. You may either provide us with shipping labels for your orders, or we can arrange to ship on your behalf. If you opt for us to arrange to ship on your behalf we will only include the minimum shipping insurance. If you want us to add insurance to your order you must tell a rep before paying your invoice. The cost of additional insurance will be added to your invoice. Opting to have us arrange to ship on your behalf will typically be cheaper than paying for your own labels as you get to take advantage of our discounted shipping rates, but you are still ultimately responsible for the shipment. 

If you opt to have us arrange to ship on your behalf:

Shipping is always a flat-rate of $15 unless noted otherwise. This $15 is the cheapest it is for us to ship our smallest sized lot to a customer in Florida, meaning that 99% of the time we are absorbing the rest of the shipping charge on your behalf. We decided to do this in order to make the ordering process simpler for our buyers, and to take the guesswork out of trying to figure out your bottom line cost as a reseller. 

Please remember to upload your tax exempt/wholesale/resale certificate HERE

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