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L'Occitane Lovelier Hands Kit, 6-pc set, New in Box

Retail: $43 Retail of pieces sold separately: $72 Cost: $23.5 per set

Ship: $15 Lead: est. 3-wk

Pieces inside the kit can be sold separately!

Each kit contains the following: 2 Roses ef Reines Crème Mains & Ongles Hand & Nail Cream 1 oz.

UPC: 3253381293331

2 Crème Mains Hand Cream for Dry Skin 1 oz. each

UPC: 3253581453704

2 Fleur se Censier Cherry Blossom Crème Main Hand Cream 1 oz. each

UPC: 3253581286128

To Order:

Phone: (888)803-0937


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